in(novation) 4 STEM!


In 4 STEM Learning & Leadership Initiative


The In(novation) 4 STEM Learning & Leadership initiative is an off-campus learning, life, and leadership partnership between Knowledge Academies, the Renfro Family Farm, and the Consortium for Personalized Learning.


Students capture and share their experiences and discoveries via positive social media which creates new knowledge for entire communities to use and teach others about science, wellness, outdoor learning, and leadership.


The learning experiences captured in an outdoor environmental science lab are used to create digital learning playlists for all types of communities, including a digital badge system supported in partnership with the LRNG.


Project based learning is used as the framework for students to use hand-written academic journals along with smart devices, digital video, and 3D photography to engage other students, families, and community leaders in the real-world significance of STEM connected learning, across all disciplines, including the creative and visual arts.


Summary of Learning Experiences

  • One Day Field Trips
  • Day School Learning  (1 Week Leadership Sabbaticals)
  • Overnight (1 Week Leadership Sabbaticals)
  • STEM & Innovation (Day School Learning)
  • Outdoor Education (Day School Learning)
  • Fitness & Wellness (Family Camp Experience)


In(novation) 4 STEM is a proof of concept pilot spanning several entrepreneurial organizations, located in Nashville, Tennessee.


  • Knowledge Academies, Inc. & The Consortium for Personalized Learning
  • The Renfro Family Farm
  • Collective Shift, LRNG (MacArthur Foundation)
  • Fathom PBC (Change Agents)
  • Nashville Technology Council (& Fashion Alliance)
  • If I Had a Hammer Project (Architectural Design)
  • Walton Family Foundation




Students are introduced to the concept of how to become change agents, using an 85 acre farm, as the platform for inspiring new learning and innovations within their local community.


Summer, and each academic semester.


Multiple off-campus and classroom learning experiences, facilitated by Knowledge Academies, Inc. and collaborative partners, including the Renfro Family Farm.


The In 4 STEM learning & leadership initiative develops a collaborative mindset in students that reinforces positive core values and skills that can be applied and reinforced throughout life.




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